peer tutoring

Where & When

Where: Lincoln High Library
When: Monday 2-5pm
Tuesday 3-8pm
     (No tutoring on the first Tuesday of each month due to staff meeting.)
  Wednesday 3-6pm
Thursday 3-8pm 
Download a flier : English or Spanish

Schedule an appointment with a peer tutor using this link 

How can a peer tutor help me ?

Our tutors can help you:
  • learn important concepts from your courses
  • enhance study skills
  • develop strategies to study for tests
We are here to help with specific subjects and classes. Whether it’s explaining concepts in math, English, or the sciences, we help with all aspects of the learning process.

We want to improve your understanding of the subject, not just the current assignment.
Now Available: Computer lab (internet access)

Peer Tutoring Procedure

  • All students will check out when they leave the tutoring center.
  • Students may ask to work with a tutor or work independently.
  • Bring your student ID card every time you attend after school tutoring.
  • We will no longer be entering through the main library doors. We ask that the students line up outside the computer lab door and wait to be signed in before entering the library. They MUST sign in and out every time they attend a tutoring session.
What Not to Do at Peer Tutoring
  • CAN NOT eat or drink while at tutoring.
  • CAN NOT text or call anyone in the library (go outside if you need to talk to someone).
  • CAN NOT be noisy!! We want to maintain a learning environment. If they want to talk, they can go outside. Whisper please.
The peer tutoring program is not just for struggling students; we focus on improvement at every achievement level.

Why is Peer Tutoring Important for Students?

  • Lack of Intimidation: Sometimes students feel more comfortable speaking to someone of the same age because they feel intimidated by teachers and do not want to ask questions in front of the class.
  • Better Explanation: Sometimes,  no matter how many times an adult/teacher tries to explain something, it may not click until somebody of the same age explains it.
  • Motivation: Working on homework with a friend can be much more motivating and fun than spending extra time with an adult or teacher.

Interested in Being a Tutor?

The peer tutoring program is beneficial to students in need, but it benefits the tutors, as well. This is because in order to TEACH the tutor must really KNOW the material.
  • Sense of accomplishment: It’s rewarding to be able to help another student understand something.
  • Building skills: Not only does the tutor polish his or her skills in the subjects, the tutor also builds skills on how to teach and work with others.
  • Teamwork: Both the student and tutor learn the value of teamwork.  They learn to be supportive and take the time to listen and help their peers.
There are 13 paid tutors on staff. The application process occurs at the end of the previous school year. We do, however, accept volunteer tutors throughout the school year. Community service hours can be earned.