At Lincoln High School, we prepare students to have options in life by giving them the tools they need to graduate ready for college or a career. LHS offers a wide range of courses for all interests and skill levels, including a robust Advanced Placement (AP) program, language classes that enable bi-literacy, and tried-and-true AVID courses. Our school also offers STRIPES (Success Through Relevant Intervention, Enrichment and Support), a program which supports academically-struggling students by imbedding additional instruction into the school day. Students can also benefit from our online Credit Recovery program and our A-G Recovery program, which likewise advance college and career readiness.

With support from our dedicated faculty, committed staff, and even their own peer tutors, students can take their education into their own hands as they step toward college, the military, technical careers, and more. Some of our students offer their skills in our after school peer tutoring program. Our local community also heartily supports the success of LHS students in high school and beyond. In fact, various clubs and organizations from the Lincoln area awarded LHS students of the 2016 class more than $100,000 in scholarships. Locals are not the only people to recognize the academic achievements of our students--over the next four years, graduates of the 2016 class will receive over one million dollars from the colleges and universities that have selected them. From a full-ride scholarship at MIT to a $265,000 NROTC scholarship, our students have earned incredible rewards for their dedicated efforts and the quality education LHS offers.

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