Principal's News

Has anyone ever asked you, "What kind of school is Lincoln High School?" I believe I have a very good answer.
Lincoln High School is one big FAMILY! You are not a number or a statistic at LHS. Another aspect of LHS and the community of Lincoln that I have observed is that the alumni possess strong loyalty and pride for the Fighting Zebras! Last, one cannot spend any time at LHS or in the city of Lincoln without acknowledging the rich history and community involvement.
Lincoln High School is a school for the community. Lincoln is a school where the students come first. Lincoln is the sum of all the pieces to the puzzle. In other words, school + student + parent = success. If any piece of this puzzle is missing, then the level of success for students and school falters. For this formula to work, we must work together as a team and the end result will be the success of your student.
In closing, you may ask, “In what direction is Lincoln High School moving in the future?” The goal in the future is to continue to embrace the qualities and characteristics listed above, and move from “Good to Great!” To do so, we will focus on academic rigor incorporated with continuous improvement and growth.

Jay Berns, Ed.D., Principal