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Future Zebras

Welcome to Lincoln High School

Click on the presentation below to learn more about becoming a Fighting Zebra! 
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Welcome future Zebras! If you have navigated to this page, you are likely ready to begin the course selection process. Once you have been given clearance by the registrar that your enrollment is complete, course selection is the next step in becoming part of our Zebra family. We have included the information you will need to make this step of the process as easy as possible. Please read the General Scheduling information linked below, as well as the section that corresponds to the upcoming grade level.

General Scheduling Information

Lincoln High students have 8 courses. Students attend 4 courses each day. Every day of school is designated as odd or even day according to the Odd/Even calendar found here. Courses are identified as odd or even depending on what period the course is assigned in a student’s schedule. Periods 1, 3, 5 & 7 are odd period courses that are attended on odd days. Periods 2, 4, 6 & 8 are even period courses that are attended on even days. 

The current bell schedule can be found here. As you will note, Monday’s are early release days for staff preparation time. Students are released at 2:30, an hour earlier than the rest of the week. We also have built in intervention time for students to receive extra support in courses. 

If you are completing this process prior to the first day of school in August, there will be a Freshman & New Student Orientation on Thursday, August 10th from 9am-12pm. This event is for students only and will  help them get familiar with the campus and learn about all LHS has to offer. 

Schedules for all students will be available on August 16th in PowerSchool. If you would like a paper copy, students may pick one up between 8am and 2pm in the Pence Gym. Lastly, our campus will be open on August 16th until 8pm. Please feel free to come and walk the campus and locate classrooms. In addition, a staff member will be out front to answer any questions. 

If you are completing this process AFTER the first day of school, your counselor will notify you when your schedule is ready and when you can begin attending.This process usually takes at least one full day to complete Tours can be provided if you report to the office first thing in the morning.  . 

Finally, please take a moment to review our Principal's Monthly Newsletter here to find out about all things Zebra, including important announcements! 

Please select the appropriate grade level from the options  below and use the included resources to help you select your courses. Again, welcome to the Zebra family! 


Welcoming our Class of 2027 from GEMS to learn more about what makes it a great day to be a Zebra!
shadow a zebra event photos
shadow a zebra event photos
shadow a zebra event photos