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Cheerleading at Lincoln High School is a great organization to belong to on campus and one that all students can be a part of if they meet eligibility requirements. Tryouts for the team are held in the spring, prior to the new school year. All cheerleaders must have a current sports packet on file with LHS. 


Sarah Ameter
Aly Montgomery

LHS CHEER 2022-2023

Any questions, please email 


See Stunt Cheer page in Spring Sports!


I'm a new student at Lincoln, and missed tryouts in the Spring. Can I tryout in the Fall?  
No, you must tryout during the formal application/tryout process in the Spring. Details regarding tryouts will be posted in the spring. 

I have no cheer experience. Can I still tryout?
Yes, you can still tryout if you have no cheer experience. There have been members of the team who never cheered, prior to earning a spot on the LHS Cheer Squad. When you try out, you will be judged according to what you can do, in comparison to other potential candidates, and a spot will be offered to you if the points awarded justify it. 

I do not have a 2.0 grade average. Can I still tryout?
No, all cheerleaders must maintain a 2.0 GPA at the time of tryout. No exceptions will be made to this rule. 

Do I have to be present at tryouts? I may not be there the week they are planned -- can I send a video? 
No. Attendance is mandatory for all required days of tryouts. 

Is tumbling a requirement?
No. Tumbling is always a great skill to have when on the team, but not required to cheer at LHS at this time.